Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Blackest Black Pencil Eyeliner

For daily wear, I typically stick to liquid eyeliner, yet on days where I'm feeling rushed and precision lining is not an option, pencil liners are the way to go. Pencil eyeliners have come a long way in the recent years, and most brands are now far removed from their rough origins- scratchy applications with no lasting color payoff. As with any makeup product, I look for something that will give me the maximum effect with minimal effort.  
From left to right:
Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes (Mat Black), UD 24/7 (Zero), UD 24/7 (Perversion) 
Courtesy of my April Glam Bag, I came into possession of Urban Decay's recent addition to the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils, the color "Perversion." With claims to be the blackest of the black eyeliners available, naturally I was skeptical. Upon trial, however, I found that there truly exists a "blacker than black." Although the following photos do no display a stark difference in hue, Perversion applies as a much more saturated and crisp black than the two liners I have compared it with. Additionally, the Perversion liner deposits color more freely, making just a single stroke of the liner sufficient for a complete black line (similar to a liquid eyeliner).

Without Flash- from left to right:
Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes (Mat Black), UD 24/7 (Zero), UD 24/7 (Perversion) 
With Flash- from left to right:
Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes (Mat Black), UD 24/7 (Zero), UD 24/7 (Perversion) 
So, do you need to run out and buy this eyeliner if you already have either of the two liners I have used for comparison here? No. However, I would recommend the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil Liner in Perversion over any similar eyeliner, in or outside of Sephora. When all my current black pencil liners reach their imminent end, I don't anticipate ever straying from Perversion. 


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  2. Nice post! I'll have to pick up Perversion next time I need a pencil liner. Thanks for the photos.

  3. I didn't know that...I never even use eyeliner..I LOVVVVVEEE my mascara! But I am thinking I should start! Thank you for this!
    I like your blog and I will be back =)
    Have a great day!
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  4. I'm a big fan of pencil eyeliner, mainly because whenever I try to use the liquid stuff I look like I'm getting in touch with my inner panda. Smudging is just a whole lot less traumatic.

  5. love the blackest eyeliner, very intense <3

    It will be awesome if you can check out my new inspiration post!