Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Visit to MyGlam

Yesterday, I had the privilege to check out the bay area MyGlam offices! In case you are unfamiliar with the company, MyGlam provides it's users with a unique community approach to product discovery. Through participating in the ongoing conversations both on their Facebook and website, users share their knowledge and inspire each other to try new looks and products. The associated monthly glam bag service brings the entire experience full circle, which includes 4-5 full or deluxe sized samples for $10/month. 

Having the chance to get to know the people involved with MyGlam, and educating myself on their vision has provided me with an enormous love for this company- I wish every member of MyGlam could be afforded this opportunity! The entire day I was treated with such kindness by everyone in the offices, which I believe translates into the way they handle all customer interactions. Through my conversations with each office member, it became evident that MyGlam has truly equipped itself with a group of people who are passionate about their roles within the company, and the glammies they service. I believe as MyGlam grows to accommodate more members and product offerings, this company will become the driving force behind cosmetic discovery and beauty community involvement. There are many exciting things in the works, so definitely stay tuned to their Facebook and website (and get excited)!

As a disclaimer, I want to communicate that all expressed opinions are my own. I discovered MyGlam on my own, and chose to subscribe. I personally sought out this opportunity to become greater involved with this company after seeing that MyGlam posted a broad invitation on their Facebook page inviting any Bay Area glammies to apply to join their feedback panel. I have never received monetary compensation or free subscriptions from MyGlam, and I was not asked to create this post :)


  1. I am so glad I found your blog! I have a blog dedicated to the beauty box subscriptions I receive. Right now I am giving away my X Out Shine Control, so if you would like an extra, you should definitely check it out! I noticed you said you liked it as a daily primer.


  2. @Jacinta Thank you! Checking out your blog now- it sounds like something I would be interested in :)

  3. I will sign up as soon as all the products are cruelty free! No animal testing!!!

  4. Lovely post, Sarah! It was so great having you! Thanks for taking the time to come out and play at the MyGlam HQ!

  5. oh my gosh what a lovely experience to be able to meeting the myglam crew!

  6. your so lucky!!
    checkout my blog please? xx

    1. Thanks, it was a fun day :) And I will definitely check it out- going through your blog posts now!