Monday, March 5, 2012

PINspiration: Spring Accessory Trends

Where I live, we've been experiencing beautiful spring weather (78 degrees today!) very early in the season, which has inspired my search for new spring accessories and trends. Here are a few of the items that have already made their rounds on Pinterest, and possibly into your wardrobes.
1. Neon
Not ready to commit to this trend by investing in a neon colored blazer or skinny jeans? Try accessories! Bright belts in highlighter hues have become my favorite way to incorporate neon into my spring wardrobe, but I also love using nail polish, rings, and scarves to bring a pop of color into my outfit.
Original Source: The Sartorialist
2. Whitened Pastels and Neutrals
Think sidewalk chalk and conversation heart colors. This trend incorporates texture and an almost bleached effect to traditional pastels.
Original Source: Etsy
3. Mirrored Silver
Brushed silver is taking a step back while more high shine metals take the stage. This trend can look a bit showy and overwhelming on it's own, but looks chic when paired with other colors and textures.
Original Source: Etsy
4. Tassels, Fringe, and Fabric
I'm really enjoying fabric jewelry for spring- it's like a scarf/necklace hybrid, it's unexpected, and usually very affordable. I think these types of pieces make easy outfits since they look amazing paired with basic tees.
Original Source: Etsy
5. Mixed Metals
I was so happy to see that mixed metals are transitioning from winter to spring this year (not that it matters- my love for mixed metals trumps my need to stay on trend!). Chunky, mixed chains with bright beads and painted strands are also popping up in stores, giving this mixed metal trend an updated and sometimes "ombre" feel.
Original Source: Etsy

Do any of these trends fit your personal style? Where is your favorite place to buy jewelry?


  1. Awesome!! I'm glad you love the metals! Trust me I feel you on the trends as well! My stuff is a little on the light side I also like hrhcollection's stuff although the price point is a bit high... Thanks for the love!

    SaraH <---- with an "H" lol

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    1. Thank you! I've never heard of Boticca- will look into it :)

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